Two of our Fusion Bloggers go at reviewing the release of Sia‘s latest single video for “Big Girls Cry“:

From Fusion Blogger: Brittney Morales

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The amazing young dancer, Maddie Ziegler, is back starring in her third Sia music video. After “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart,” another video starring the girl famous from Dance Moms may seem a bit overkill, but “Big Girls Cry” expresses a different side of the dancer and showcases her talents in a new light.


In “ChandelierZiegler showed off her phenomenal dance skills while portraying the young Sia, almost as if she were Sia’s alter ego. Then, in “Elastic Heart,” Ziegler starred opposite Shia LaBeouf in a dance battle turned friendship as they both tried to escape the cage they were confined in. Again, Ziegler portrayed another side of Sia since the singer herself does not like to show her face when performing.


Now, in “Big Girls Cry,” Ziegler is not showing off her dance skills as the whole video is shot from her waist up, with one exception where it pans down to her legs. Her whole body is never in the shot at the same time. This video gives Ziegler the chance to show off her acting skills through her expressions as she tells Sia’s story. She also does hand movements and some body movements, but the main focus of the entire piece is on her facial expressions and how well she is able to tell a story without any dialogue.


We watch Ziegler’s frantic expressions as she essentially beats herself up, but she can’t find a way to stop it. Her hands seem to have a mind of their own as Sia’s persona comes to life going through bouts of fear and insanity. While “Chandelier” may be more exciting to watch as audiences become enchanted by Ziegler’s dancing abilities, I think that “Big Girls Cry” shows just how much the girl has matured since the first video she worked with Sia on. She is still only twelve years old and already is showing improvement. In “Chandelier” there are some moments where you are able to see Ziegler’s facial expressions. Comparing those with her expressions in “Big Girls Cry” show that she has made great strides with acting and will continue to improve as she grows older.


Written by Fusion Blogger: Avery Wes



This week Sia released the third and final part of her 1000 Forms of Fear music video trilogy with the release of Big Girls Cry.


The video features Maddie Ziegler looking directly into the camera and letting her facial expressions and shoulder movement do the work. She gives us the eye contact that we have missing from Sia herself. Maddie Zieglar proves that unlike Chandelier, she does not need to dance to convey emotion.


At the end of the video Maddie sits wide-eyed as if she’s just discovered a part of herself that had been missing. We were left wide-eyed as well.


Big Girls Cry is the third single off of Sia’s 2014 release of 1000 Forms of Fear.