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The Mission
Ever since its first day on-the-line on November 1st, 2014, ALT360° has been on a continuance journey to deliver all the various definitions of the word Alternative.

Those ventures have given ALT360° the allowance to show listeners that it is possible to have a radio station play the widest variety of music, while also having an on-air staff whom have a passion to play it all for for all to hear.

ALT360° is home-based in Chicago, IL. One of many major cities that is known for its broad musical tastes. Growing up in this city one can’t help but to observe, learn, and experience its diversity. Which in turn, and sometimes overtime, create community. This ideology is what shapes the backbone of ALT360° and its goals.

From the start, the goal was to play all the decades that fell under the Alternative Music genre. Covering the late-70’s, the 80’s, the 90’s, early 2000’s, to the present. However, that only took the station half-way to the goal. They had only boxed-in one of the understandings of what the Alternative format really is; non-vocational choices that go outside the established culture & social norms.

By adding in the dozens of the sub-genres that fell under the Alternative umbrella, ALT360° found how to complete the circle, or in geometrical terms, make it 360° .

ALT360° additional goal is to be the soundtrack for all varieties of life. Most of us function outside the norm. By creating its own community, ALT360° thrives to establish a social connection with the artists and musicians played, and pass what is met, heard, and learned on to the listeners.

ALT360° isn’t owned by any large corporation. No one wears suits (sometimes some don’t even wear pants!). And creative freedom is given to all on and off air staff.

With that being said, ALT360° On-Air Hosts all deliver their own style each week by creating a radio show from scratch. Everyone volunteers their time. The music, the topics, the format, are all theirs. Their reward is having the ability to have you stay tuned and be a part of their world and ALT360° and all its
Degrees of Alternative