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Todd Michaels

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Resurrection Nation
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Stacey West

The Straight Talker
XX's & (20)00's: Misses & Hits
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"My passion for radio has been alive ever since my early days, having been raised on 80's Top 40 radio. It only took a portable Smurf's radio and a wireless FM mic to know that my voice was meant to be on-the-air.

I followed that dream throughout childhood recording radio shows with friends and family onto cassette tapes, eventually making my way to Brown College where I had a short stint with their radio broadcasting program. My love of music was channeled into monthly DJ gigs at Berlin Nightclub in Chicago and my former weekly radio show GLORadio, which was given its first on-air exposure with help from Alt360. I was also asked to stay on as host of the then newly commissioned Top 20 Of The Week countdown show. I'm a Minnesota boy at heart but has made my home in Chicago and now St. Louis."

"I have been in the radio biz since I was 13 years old. Starting at my high school radio station, WARG-FM 88.9, then continuing on to Columbia College Chicago to earn a B.A. in Broadcast Communications. After working at several FM stations that all got bought out in Chicago, I almost gave up on my radio endeavors until I was asked to join the Fusion Radio family, which now is the Nexus Radio Network. I have been with Nexus Dance since 2011, and in 2014 launched Alt360 Radio (formally Fusion Alternative). I was born and still resides in Chicago, and by day I work in the education field."

"Hello, I'm Eric. A real man, a thinking man, a complicated man. Would I go so far as to say a great man? Yes, yes I would. I knew from an early age that I was something special, my mother told me so. To this day I hear almost on a daily basis how proud I make people just for being me! Often times I overhear people say "look at him shopping on his own" or "bless his heart" or "wow! Look at you, driving a car with no help". Even after all this time Stacey will pet my head and tell me what a good boy I am. I also invented chairs. You're welcome...

...Seriously though, I've been in radio since 8th grade, was actually signed up and working at Argo High Schools WARG 88.9 the summer before freshman year even started, ahh, if only I cared about grades as much. After H.S. I attended the then called "Illinois Center for Broadcasting" where I helped launch their online/streaming station while a student. After graduation, I became an employee. I helped rebrand the on-air station, 104.1 The Edge and introduced the school to this new crazy thing called digital audio editing which I taught for about a year. During the same time, I worked as a rock jock at stations like Rebel Radio, Will Rock and some other dump I can't remember.
After a couple years in Orlando FL I decided to move back to the midwest and start my own voice over the business (yup, I'm a voice in commercials) and podcast, and vowed to never work for "the man" in radio ever again, then Alt 360 radio came along. I must say, it's been refreshing to work for a program director who hasn't sold his soul to the devil and doesn't have a coke problem. Not that my other PDs did, just saying."

"I am the newest member of the ALT360 on-air staff. A native of Minnesota, I have worked at radio stations in Kansas City, Milwaukee and Duluth. After a long break from working in radio, I had decided to come back to it.

Aside from radio, I enjoy music (duh), film, the beach, travel, playing and watching sports and streaming my favorite TV shows with my husband."

"I used to play radio with my best friend Kelly and a hand-held tape recorder. We would play 'Interviewer on the Street', much like Kermit The Frog on Sesame Street. After meeting Eric and a few trips back to WARG-FM, sitting in while he did a show, his enthusiasm became contagious and before I knew it she was joining in and soon thereafter, we were podcasting...and getting married...which-ever came first is not important."

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