After months of minimal activity on social media, and essentially being hidden from the public eye, Tyler, the Creator took social media by storm Wednesday as he dropped tons of information in a short period of time.

Tyler came back to Instagram and Twitter simultaneously at around noon PT, dropping a new app and promise of a magazine as well as stating that he had a huge announcement at 9PM Pacific Time.  The new Golf Media app requires a subscription and when you sign up it informs you that you will get two months free as well as two physical copies of his new magazine sent to you.  Each month after the trial period will cost five dollars with the option of opting out at any point.  Tyler said that he is extremely excited about this magazine because it allows him to express his thoughts and ideas without being censored, since he is creating it himself.  Additionally, the Golf Media app, which is free to download, has many features including videos, photos, music, and interviews all revolving around Tyler and his life.

Nine hours after his initial return to social media, Tyler dropped his first music video in over a year as well as an announcement of his next album, Cherry Bomb, which will come out next Monday, April 13.  Like many of his videos in the past, while the title is “F***ing Young” leading the viewer to believe it is merely a video for this song, the video actually combines two of his new songs, “F***ing Young” and “Death Camp.”  Tyler has done this previously with his “Tamale” and “IFHY” videos which combine multiple songs into a single music video.  Like his past videos, Tyler directed “F***ing Young” under one of his many created personas, Wolf Haley.

Based on the parts of the “F***ing Young” and “Death Camp” presented in Tyler’s music video, Cherry Bomb seems to be heavily N.E.R.D. influenced with more song elements as opposed to his traditional harsh rapping.  Tyler continues to develop and grow with each subsequent album.  Wolf was a radical change from Goblin, and Cherry Bomb seems to be making a shift from Wolf.

All in all, I’d say it was a successful first day back on social media for Tyler, the Creator.

Written by Fusion Alternative Blogger: Elizabeth Morales

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