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TuneIn Radio App

Listen for free. No subscription required. You don't need to sign up for the Pro version to listen to ALT360. There is a record option bonus for using the app. On the web version, you can favorite your shows, and stations. And you can receive notifications when they air. There is also an option to choose the stream size (32kbps to128kbps MP3 AAC formats)

Nexus Radio Apps

This is where it all began. The app is free, and listening to any of the stations is also free. However, there are a couple stations that run commercials (currently NOT ALT360). There is a subscription to go commercial free throughout the app.

Mobile Devices

Amazon Alexa

With an Amazon subscription and the TuneIn Radio app you can simply ask Alexa through the Echo Dot device to "Play Alt360"

Google Play

Using a Google Home device and through TuneIn Radio all you have to do is say "Ok, Google, Play Alt360"

Apple Music

If you already have a subscription, you can simply search for "ALT360 Radio".
To become a subscriber, click here.

Step 1: Adobe Air

The Nexus Radio Network desktop app is built with Adobe Air and will require you install the free program prior to installing the Nexus desktop App. Simply follow the following steps to download the program and get to listening!

Step 2: Download Nexus Desktop App

Click Here to download the app

Desk Top/

Last Step: Enjoy

Open and Stream Away For Free!

Step 3: Accept Security

Start The Install & Accept Security

Step 4: Add Shortcuts

Choose An Options

Step 5: Allow Access

Choose An Options

Hear Past AND Present Live & Hosted Shows:
Top 20 Doc Metal On Random INDIE101 Extra Credit Drive Time Resurrection Nation Resurrection '80s ALT-DM ...And more All Available, On The Go, and Subscription Free,

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