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George Ezra, an English singer/song writer, has been making his way up the music

charts. With his most popular song right now, Budapest, from his album “Wanted on

Voyage”, it has made its way up to top 20, if not number one, in a couple different

countries (and hopefully the U.S soon?). I first heard this song on VH1’s Top Hits one

morning while getting ready for class. Not knowing who this guy was, I was

immediately intrigued with this acoustic-sounding single.


Ezra chimes in smoothly, but powerful after a couple seconds of instrumentals. I’m

not sure if it’s his English accent, or what, but there’s something about his voice that

instantly makes me feel so relaxed and calm. A couple days later, as I was listening

to the Sam Smith Pandora station, his song came up again. This is how I knew I just

had to look up other songs by him.

After listening to a couple of his other songs (Blame it on me, Listen to the

Man, and Cassy O’) I knew I had to let my friends know about him! It actually really

bothered me as to why I had never heard of him until now, and I was really shocked

when I saw that it was all the way at number 90 on iTunes! This song definitely

deserves to be at least on iTunes top 20! Check it out for yourself and let’s bump it

up to number 1!

Written by Fusion Alternative Blogger: Laura Ledesma