If you haven’t heard of the group Years & Years then you’ve definitely been missing out. They’re a group of 3 British electronica musicians who started in London. One of their most popular and newest songs entitled King has made its way up on the music charts these last couple of months. Though the song itself explains a man who feels like a king while in a relationship with his significant other, he describes how controlled and manipulated he feels. The first couple of lines in the chorus, “I was a king under your control. And oh oh I wanna feel like you’ve let me go. So let me go is a perfect representation of how trapped he feels in the relationship and needs to be let go.

However, what I really want to focus on is the music video. The entire music video is Olly Alexander—the main singer and keyboardist—literally being controlled by other people, which is supposed to symbolize the relationship. You constantly see just how powerful this relationship is and how much it is taking over his everyday movements. I also want to point out how the setting of the music video is in a house with white walls, gloomy weather, and everyone’s wardrobe is pure white. In my interpretation, the white and gloominess symbolizes how boring and repetitive his life is and just how much he wants and needs to be freed—no matter how hard he tries to escape, the weight of the relationship just keeps bringing him down.

Though this song has been out for quite a while now, I think the lyrics are definitely relatable to anyone who’s been stuck in an unhealthy relationship of any sort.


Written by Alt360º Blogger: Laura Ledesma