Using a style that I can only describe as “talk-singing” indie duo Brian Sella and Matt Uychich have been at the top of my list of favorite bands for the past few years.  Their vibe reminds fans of the whole “older brother and his friends playing music in your garage” kind of music but with more powerful, meaningful lyrics and more instruments than could definitely fit in your garage.  Their songs range in topics from unrequited love to times back home in their college years.  Lyrics that are relatable to the young audience that is attracted to their sound.

In addition to Stella and Uychich, the band often has one to two additional members, but these members seem somewhat temporary, only appearing for touring with new members on the next tour.  Sella is the lead vocalist and guitar player while Uychich plays the drums.  Additionally, the rotating members play instruments such as keyboards and trumpets during various songs.

While starting out back in 2007 only playing shows in their small New Jersey hometown, The Front Bottoms have gained popularity over the last couple of years, most recently appearing at Chicago’s Riot Fest where I was fortunate enough to see them from the barricade.


Although the fan base of The Front Bottoms may not be exceptionally large, the fans that they do have are extremely passionate.  Because of the whole “talk-singing” style, it is very easy for fans to sing along and those who take the time to come out to a show definitely want to be there.  Being surrounded by thousands of fans all screaming the lyrics right back at Sella with so much energy was one of the most surreal experiences I have ever felt.

The Front Bottoms started out entirely independent, releasing many EP’s and three albums without the help of a record label.  In 2011 the band signed to Bar/None Records and have since released another album and two more EP’s.  Two of their albums and their newest EP are available on iTunes, but if you want to find their older self-released stuff you’ll have to thoroughly search the internet.  Most of their songs are on YouTube with accompanying lyric videos if you want to spend a full day analyzing lyrics –not saying that I haven’t done this once or a dozen times.

The band has not yet released a summer tour, and their shows tend to be few and far between, but if they do end up coming somewhere near you I strongly suggest stopping by and checking them out.

Written by Fusion Alternative Blogger: Elizabeth Morales