New Artist Blogs (catch-up)

February 19th:

Avery Wes
Every week I choose a New Artist of the week to introduce and this week. As an Artist myself i decided to introduce the world to my sound. I was born in the suburbs of Chicago and moved to the city when I was 19 to pursue a career in music. I began writing for Nexus Radio and eventually went on to co-host Saturday Night Social with Todd Michaels on Nexus Dance. I later starting hosting my own show, Avery’s Alternative, on the Alt360 Station of the Nexus family.  As an independent singer and songwriter I decided to make my musical debut this year with the release of my first single “Why’d You Leave” on February 19th, 2016. I’m currently working on an EP for a late 2016 release. Check out my song Why’d You Leave here:
February 26th Show:
Jack Garratt
This week for my New Artist of the Week I chose Jack Garratt. Jack Garratt is a british singer/songwriter from Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire. He released his debut album ‘Phase’ on February 19th and his been since climbing the charts! I discovered him earlier this month when I first heard his song “Breathe Life.” It was mix of soul and electronic songwriting at its best. I instantly fell in love with his sound. He reminds me a bit of Sam Smith. I chose to actually feature “Breathe Life” on this weeks show of Avery’s Alternative. Check it out here!
March 4th Show:
This week my New Artist of the week is XYLO. I discovered them the other day when I was feeling pretty down and their lyrics sparked something in me and spoke to me. Their music I would best describe as ‘dark pop’ with lyrics that resemble Lana Del Rey and and beats that speak to your soul it was no wonder I fell in love with them. They released their single ‘America’ last year and has been gaining popularity since. Their EP also titled ‘America’ was just released this year. Word’s cant express how brilliant their entire EP is. Check out the song that I featured on this week’s Avery’s Alternative below:
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