In news that just won’t go away, 90’s alterna-weirdo Billy Corgan said in an interview last week that he’d punch Kanye West if he rushed the stage while accepting an award.
Also, The Smashing Pumpkins front man has contradicted him self stating that Rock bands need to be more aggressive to “beat the pop overlords” after stating in a different interview that “rock is dead” and “his fans are gone.”
First off, both Billy and Kanye are from Chicago. Albeit they come from two very different parts of the city and had two completely different journeys, they automatically get some street cred if for no other reason than surviving Chicago winters. But that’s almost where the tough guy image ends for both of them. One guy raps about Prada and fashion, the other guys cries over goth guy-liner and broken hearts. Also both of these guys are too self loving and egotistical. To the point that they’ve become parodies of themselves.  I had interviewed a long time beloved Chicago DJ once and asked about his time spent around one of the biggest 90’s Rock Stars and he said “Billy Corgan is Billy Corgan‘s biggest fan.” And we’ve all seen and heard from how much Kanye loves Kanye in recent years. (And Beyoncé as well)
But I’m starting to think that these guys are just two sides of the same coin. They both create their own forms of quality music. They both know how to create a headline. And they both don’t shy away from controversy.
It may be true that in recent years we’ve seen a huge decline in the relevance of Alt-rock. And it’s a much different sound now than it was in the 90’s. Now Billy is crying that his fans are gone. But he didn’t seem to care too much when he walked away from them, myself included, in the early 2000’s.  If he was truly upset over how pop music has taken over he should have stuck it out, turned out powerful guitar driven rock music, and just maybe people would care more about his music than they do his cat. Or some petty little fight he’s trying to create with the other guy from Chicago that no one cares about.
In my opinion, current rock may sound a lot different than the grunge of the 90’s or the new wave of the 80’s, but the overall message is similar. It’s a broad spectrum that encompasses and accepts so many unique sounds and influences. It might sound more pop or synth driven currently, but that’s the state of music at the moment. Get over it. Artists need to concern them selves with making quality music, and then people will buy it. Quit worrying about awards you aren’t winning and quit trying to make yourself relevant, and just go write a good rock song, album, or score a movie. The fans will be there for you if you give them what they deserve.
Lastly, in a world where you can hear whatever you want at any time, I don’t think that crying in an interview about your fans being gone is gonna make a case for sympathy. Also trying to take away the spot light from a humble artist like Beck at the Grammy Awards will give you cool points. Especially since it’s the second time you pulled the stunt. What makes a good artist that’s deserving of the all mighty dollar is quality. If you kick my ear drums in and move my feet, I open my wallet. If you put out a song I only wanna hear twice, you live and die on YouTube.
Oh, and I’m pretty sure in a straight up fight Billy would win, but only because Kanye’s Gucci bag couldn’t be used as a weapon. But no matter who wins aren’t we all losers for having to hear these men cry?
Written by Fusion Alternative Blogger: Bill Blount