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Todd Michaels

Called It Indie Before It Was A Thing. Hipster. Not Spicy.

Started going to concerts at 18 and has made up for the lost 18 years that he hadn't gone to shows. Won't even bother asking you if you know a band because he just knows you SO don't.

Bill bluntz

90's All The Way. But The Hippy Is Here To Stay.

Though there is no doubt that his knowledge in all-things-90's is unmatched, there is, however, speculations about his continued claims of being just as well versed in  hip-hop and reggae.

Eric Pitsel

Hard Rocker. Metal Head. Self-Proclaimed Idiot.

In high school, there was a belief that Beavis Butthead got their material from Eric's "I-Rock" Radio Show. However, they never gave him any credit for it. Therefore, in return they never did receive any t.p. for their bungholes.