For those of you who aren’t aware of Chancellor Bennett, otherwise known as Chance The Rapper, is Chicago’s very own 22-year-old rapper.

When getting suspended from Jones College Prep High School for 10 days in 2011, he wrote and created his very first mixtape, #10Day. That was his very first huge break through, followed by his second mixtape, Acid Rap in 2013 and Surf in May of this year.

Rather than signing with a major labeling company like most aspiring rappers, Chance decided to take his own route and formed his own “band” The Social Experiment and continues to share his music for free to the public. Though this was a risky decision, his musical talents have definitely helped him rise above in the music industry without the help of any major label company.

Though the song “Sunday Candy” in Surf, focuses on Nico Segal‘s (A.K.A “Donnie Trumpet”) who is part of The Social Experiment, this is by far my favorite out of the 16 in the album.

For starters, it’s the perfect song to listen to on a sunny, warm day–it just has that summery feel to it. Second of all, the rhythm itself definitely has that gospel musical tone to it that you would hear on a typical Sunday morning at church, especially with Nico‘s amazing performance of the trumpets.

Now if you listen to the lyrics, they’re the sweetest ever (maybe like a piece of candy?). In short, Chance is describing that great and exciting feeling you get when you finally get to see that special someone at the end of the week and cherishing that moment like you would when eating a piece of candy…clever, right?

Anyway, if you haven’t listened to this amazing track, I advice you to this very second.



Written by Alt360º Blogger – Laura Ledesma