Lana del Rey, a real-life angel bound to Earth, performed in Indianapolis and, consequently, my life was changed forever.

I was fortunate enough to see her back in 2014 on the Paradise Tour, but that show was like a middle school dance compared to the Endless Summer Tour of 2015. The crowd can truly make or break the concert experience. Last year’s show was simply general admission and with different levels of fans all mixed together, the experience tends to not be as fun. However, this year, del Rey performed in a larger venue with ticket types ranging between lawn, assigned seats, and pit. Pit tickets are highly sought after especially for the enthusiastic, most dedicated fans.

Had I not been second row in the pit, I doubt that my experience would be as valuable as it now is to me. Lana del Rey truly appreciates her fans and knows that without them her level of success would not be nearly as great. Because of this, she takes time out of her set to interact with fans through eye contact throughout the crowd, and even coming down to the barricade to take pictures and sign autographs.


Normally, she is able to do this multiple times, and even comes down at the end of the show to take a picture with every person in the front row. However, after she came down the first time, security would not allow her to get off the stage again. As she collected her gifts from the stage at the conclusion of the show, she tearfully apologized and said that she loved us.

This crowd interaction is just one element of del Rey’s overall allure. Her voice rang out clearly as she tackled high notes and performed songs from Born to Die, Paradise, and Ultraviolence. Her happiness and excitement shined through as she sang an unreleased song, “Serial Killer,” and the whole crowd perfectly sang the lyrics along with her.

The crowd patiently waited for her to sing something from her soon-to-be released album Honeymoon to no avail. Yet no one seemed to mind because everyone around me was too focused on being feet away from an absolutely amazing human being. I am so thankful that I was able to see one of my favorite artists again surrounded by individuals who love her just as much as I do.

Written by Alt360º Blogger: Elizabeth Morales