indy show

Amidst the screaming fans and sweaty bodies the melodious sounds of Alex Caplow, lead singer of Magic Man, stood out from the crowd. The small venue filled with around two hundred people amplified the mood and gave the whole show a personal vibe.


The crowd was less than enthusiastic while openers Vinyl Theatre and Great. Good. Fine.Ok. played, but once Magic Man took the stage the whole room exploded with electricity. That isn’t to say that the openers were bad, but it was obvious that the people in the crowd came for Magic Man and not the openers.


The synth-rock band from Boston, Massachusetts went from opening for Panic! At the Disco last summer in Indianapolis to headlining their own cross-country tour this year.


While Magic Man is still relatively small, I think that once this tour is over they will have gained more fans and be able to play at bigger venues next time around. Oftentimes seeing bands live, while generally enjoyable, can sometimes be disappointing because they do not sound as good live as they do in the studio. However, this was not the case with Magic Man. Singer Alex Caplow as well as the rest of the band, sounded just as good, if not better, live than they do on iTunes.


All in all this was a very fun concert. Audience interaction was strong once the main act came on stage, and energy radiated through the tiny venue. I strongly recommend checking out Magic Man on YouTube or iTunes if you haven’t already.