“Golf wang, golf wang,” the crowd chants enthusiastically willing rapper Tyler, the Creator to appear on stage. At first sight of the man everyone paid to see, the crowd explodes with energy and when the first beat drops that energy is channeled into a mosh pit right in the center of the Egyptian Room.

This high level of energy did not die down until the final line of “Keep Da O’s” at the conclusion of the show when the concertgoers funneled out of the venue. Despite being sick, Tyler was able to interact with the crowd and keep them interested. To add to the experience, Tyler brought Jasper Dolphin who rapped alongside Tyler and at one point took over while the frontman took a break (laid down on the stage). Taco was also present, DJ-ing in the back and joking around with the boys.

While the majority of the show consisted of songs from Cherry Bomb, he also featured a few songs from Goblin and Wolf including “She” and “Domo23.” A highlight of the show occurred when Tyler and Jasper both rapped their verses from “Oldie” and Tyler brought a fan onstage to battle Jasper. The fan rapped Jasper’s verse with Jasper going second reciting the same verse. Tyler then asked the audience to vote on who did better, with the fan ultimately winning against Jasper. This crowd interaction is just one example of the audience feeling a connection with the rappers on stage.

Tyler, the Creator is often viewed as immature and seems to not care about his fame. While he made fun of his fans and the audience a few times, he did so in a joking manner and it is obvious that he cares about and truly appreciates his fans.

Written by Alt360º Blogger: Brittney Morales