INDIE101's: Extra Credit Cheat Sheet

For December 13th

Tilian - "Dose"
Morly - "Twain Harte"
Skegss - "Wake Up"
Justus Proffit - "Peace From Medication"
The Kills - "Night Train" (Remastered 2020)
Blanketman - "Harold"
Glitterer - "Are You Sure"
Henrik Appel - "Mrs. Spaceman"
A.A. Williams - "Where Is My Mind?"(Pixies cover)
Somme - "Part Of My Body"
Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum - "Cruel World"
Chance The Rapper - "The Return"
Viagra Boys - "In Spite Of Ourselves" (with Amy Taylor)
Paul McCartney - "Find My Way"
Giulia Be - "plan b"
Payday - "My Jordans"
Lonr. - "World"
Mall Grab - "Room Full of Rothko"

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