INDIE101's: Extra Credit

Your Cheat Sheet for
November 22nd, 2020

USERx - "Waterman"
Jake Bugg - "All I Need"
Sir Chloe - "Sedona"
Rostam - "Unfold You"
Pink Laundry - "Float"
paris jackson - "let down"
glaive - "eyesore"
Marina - "Man's World"
Black Belt Eagle Scout - "Soft Stud"
Mishaal - "Peddle Bike"
Warbly Jets - "NASA"
Rainbow Kitten Surprise - "Our Song"
Serena Isioma & Saint Lewis - "King"
Kid Bloom - "Hold In, Hold On"
Junior Mesa - "Losing My Grip"
Winnetka Bowling League - "Congratulations"
Abhi The Nomad - "Me No Evil"
cehryl - "superbloom"
Cautious Clay - "Agreeable"
Mansionair - "Guillotine" feat. NoMBe

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