Growing up in Denmark there wasn’t a rush to be the next all-girl band as they are portrayed, in reality, Baby in Vain was just 2 girls, Lola Hammerich & Benedicte Pierleoni, who just wanted to play music together as a duo five years ago. It wasn’t until Andrea Thuesen joined the group that they became the trio we see and hear today.

Playing local shows Hammerich stated, “it took us about 2 years until we started having a following where we’re from.” Thuesen came up with the name of the band which Hammerich and Pierleoni both said they would “get back to her” with something different. Yet, here they are playing their half-decade catalog and making their namesake in the U.S.

Playing as opener to the Kills, at a sold out Metro show, I sat down with the trio to get their reactions to their build up to this point.

Lola & Benedicte talked about their start. “We went to a music school. That’s where we knew Andrea. Yet we played basketball with her.”

Thusen added, “We met through mutual friends at a gig. Then we saw each other other at other shows, and then finally Lola and Ben (Benedicte) told me they became a dynamic duo and became a band. And I was like, I’m looking for a band. How about you invite me into your duo? I also have the coolest band name” (laughs)

“Afterwards we played several gigs at the venue where we met and it was horrible and terrible each time.” Thusen continued.

I asked if that was their opinion which then Lola answered, “No, that was everyones opinion.”

When discussing the commonality of how bands form and the long relationships members seem to have, Pierleoni had this to say about their formation, “We were all having fun nonetheless. So we continued to hang out once or twice a week. People think we’ve known each other forever, but really it was exactly the day we decided to be a band.”

‘We didn’t fit in to the Denmark scene.” added Hammerich.

This didn’t stop the girls from continuing on. “It took about 2 years for us to become unknown to quite known.” Hammerich stated. “We then were able to start sending venues our stuff to have us start playing other venues.”

After some success, in October of 2013 they were able to go from venue to studio. In February of 2014 they had 3 studio recordings.

They then realized the hardship of coming up with more songs. Lola stated, “In the beginning it was much easier to write music then it is now. Because there were no expectations. But that’s when things started to get really good.”

I had to ask if the music they had written when they began ever makes it to the sets they play now. “Our songs were good, but we play better now,” stated Pierleoni. “So the songs are just better now.”

“There is a song we first played that we still played today,” Lola stated. “It’s called ‘Until the Day I Die‘ but it’s not released, it’s just the last song we play because its perfect now.”

After a year continuing to work on recordings and perfecting their work, they had a promoter who teamed them up with the Kills. Yet the question now is, what’s next?

“We need to finish the album.” Pierleoni answered.

“It’s almost finished.” added Hammerich, with a laugh.

I wanted to know if there were an influences they’ve had in recent years to create an all-girl group. “We’re not influenced by really anyone in the ‘girl band’ genre. It’s was pure conscience” stated Thuesen.

“We could have added boys to our group. It wasn’t something we were looking to be.” added Hammerich.

“It wasn’t until after that people would come up to us an say, ‘Oh, you’re an all girl band’, and we’d say, well, yes we are” Pierleoni added.

“People like to use it because then they get interested when they hear ‘All-Girl-Band'” Hammerich continued. “I really don’y like the idea. It’s not common in other genre’s but in rock it’s a big deal, apparently.”

You won’t see these girls anytime soon, until their debut album drops. But they have a genuine attitude that even if they don’t survive in the great big genre of alternative rock, they can at least be the next best all-girl band.

Here are a view official videos from Baby in Vain to check out:

Written by Alt360º’s Todd Michaels