Over the past month, I have really been digging several albums that have recently come out.  I wrote my last blog about Gary Clark Jr.’s track “Can’t Sleep” which is off of his fabulous new album The Story of Sonny Boy Slim.  I think it’s his best work to date and the track was my absolute favorite for several weeks.  I’ve also grown to love the album as a full piece of art even more as well.

Additionally, The Arcs, Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys’ latest project, released a very solid album, Yours, Dreamily, last month.  I felt this was a true album in the sense that, every time I put it on, I wanted to listen to the ENTIRE album.  No songs really stuck out.  Slowly but surely over the past month, however, I have grown to love “Cold Companion” more than the rest.  Super subtle guitar work, a very sparse, groovy drum track and a soft, smooth chorus that would make 60s artists blush make this track great.  Check it out below:

As my love affair with Yours, Dreamily, was blossoming, The Dead Weather decided to (FINALLY) release their newest record, Dodge and Burn.  As usual, it’s a hard rocker that is equally as strange as it is badass.  I think lead singer, Allison Mosshart, delivers her best performance to date and Jack White, well, continues being Jack White.  The song that has stuck out to me most from the album is “3 Dollar Hat” which touches on two reasons I have been enthralled with Jack White since I’ve known who he is: 1) His strange obsession with the number 3 (3 dollar hat, shooting people with a .33) and 2) The use of his crazy sounding high pitched wail (listen for him to sing “You done stole my hat” or “Left his HANDS lying there on the butchers block”…yeah this song is rad).  As usual, don’t take my word for it, just listen below:

Written By Alt360º Blogger: Jason Polakowski