So everything that can be said about this stupid incident has been said and the proof is out there over who is a better musician. Clearly Beck is the winner hands down but in my mind the bigger issue here is the Grammy Awards.

Now I will be the first to tell you when an artist whom I enjoy and respect such as Beck releases anything new I’m instantly intrigued. But that doesn’t mean that it’s good. Yes, Beck has played all his instruments and yes he was the only songwriter on his album. I get it. But I didn’t run out to best buy to get a copy.

No one buys physical music anymore and I’m sure the handful of Beck fans that did buy it loved it. However, in the mainstream of radio has anyone heard of Beck in the last ten years? 



Anyway, winning the Grammy for album of the year isn’t the biggest deal of his career and I’m sure he doesn’t care about the award. He’s never been an artist that seeks out praise. But pop artists on the other hand need that constant reassurance that they matter. If you don’t tell them how awesome they are daily they get sad. If they don’t win out every time, they do what Kanye does and make scenes and run their mouth.

What they should be focused on is creating new and better music than the drivel that they sell for $1.29 on iTunes. And so I say to the Grammys this… You may have given Beck this award for creating his own music but next time please reward the artist that need the recognition so they can go auto tune another hit and make more money! Eventually they won’t cry anymore.

Hear the “Single Loser” Mashup here:


Written by Fusion Alternative Blogger: Bill Blount