Stella Katsoudas started out in the music industry as an artist from Chicago with her own label Katharsis Records.  She self released her first ep Drown me in You under the name Sister Soleil in 1996.  After much attention in the midwest, she signed a record deal with Universal Records in 1998.  During this time Stella collaborated with many different writers and artists including, Trent Reznor, Moby, Chino Moreno of the Deftones, Corey Taylor of Slipknot, Peter Gabriel, and appearing as a guest vocalist on Billy Idol’s Vh-1 Storytellers.

In 2000 Stella released a pop album under the moniker Stella Soleil and had a hit with the song “Kiss Kiss”.  In 2003 Stella collaborated with Russian music star, Dolphin.  The song “Eyes” garnered much success in the entire Russian Federation.  In 2007 she moved to Iowa to start a rock band with Shawn Crahan “Clown” of Slipknot.

By 2008, Dirty Little Rabbits had a record deal with the End Records.  After touring extensively for 2-years, including 2010 Warped Tour, Stella moved back to Chicago.  There she met her husband Joe Weiher and began writing together for a new project called Dubwitch.

Dubwitch’s second release is set for end of April 2016.

The Dark Side with Stella airs Saturdays 6pm to 9pm (US central) with an encore at 6a to 9a on Sundays