Melanie Martinez released  the third promotional single “Sippy Cup” from upcoming debut album “Crybaby.”

Martinez, a singer/songwriter from New York, was discovered on the American version of The Voice on NBC. After being eliminated from the show in just week 5 of the series, she continued to work independently on original material. She released her debut EP “Dollhouse” in May of 2014. Soon after the release, she announced that she had been signed to Atlantic Records and would release her debut album in 2015.

Martinez released the first single “Pity Party” on June 1st. With the weeks leading up to the albums release she released “Soap” on July 10th and finally “Sippy Cup” on July 31st, followed by the album two weeks later. “Sippy Cup” is a continuation of the “Dollhouse” video and follows Martinez and her family in cynical acts.

“Blood still stains when the sheets are washed, sex don’t sleep when the lights are off. Kids are still depressed when you dress them up. Syrup is still syrup in a Sippy Cup” are some of the lyrics in her catchy unsettling chorus.

Check out the video for “Sippy Cup” here:

Written by Alt360º Radio’s Blogger: Avery Wes