With their latest single ‘Contagious’ getting major radio play (not to mention hitting #1 on Fusion Alternative’s Top 40 two weeks ago), and an announcement of joining the Van’s Warped Tour this summer, there’s no stopping or slowing down the force that is Night Riots.


Station owner and Fusion Radio’s very own Todd Michaels and I got a chance to see them live in action this past week at Reggie’s Live in Chicago, and what a show it was! The southern California-based band is taking the alternative world and giving them a run for their money…and adding to “the new sound” of Alternative.


We got to sit chat with Travis Hawley, the vocalist of the group, and Nick Fontinakes, lead guitar. In the freezing back alley we got to as them a few questions regarding their success, their tour, and their next moves while they loaded up their van on their way to the next city:


-You’ve been touring, Warped Tour is coming up, looking back at the past you’ve been opening up and now your headlining. Whats your plans for the future after warped tour?

I think we’ll keep pushing, its always good to go out with different bands especially different types of bands. Last time we came through we were with K. Flay, and she has a whole crowd that is different than what we play to back home. Each different crowd you play to, you pick up a couple and you get this really diverse audience which i think is the best…and we want our demographic to be the same.


-Here at the Fusion Alternative, we’ve actually combined all alternative music. We have anything from the 80’s, 90’s 00’s and now, so when we program we put the 80’s and now together and they sound great. So Night Riots sounds great following a Depeche Mode song. Where does your sound come from?

Even if its alternative, theres also a timelessness about it. And you know with those 80’s songs, its just good accessible music that feels good. And with us a lot of people draw that sound from the synth but i think theres a little bit of a darkness. Not a macabre darkness, but maybe more of a gloom. I think thats the vein in our music and its still pop at the same time. Its gloom pop. 

(Its pretty huge for us to be able to come to Chicago for the second time, first time on our own, and to have people come out. Thats really hard to do for a band of our size.) 


How does it feel to be recognized by major names such as Rolling Stone magazine? What kind of opportunities does being recognized lead to?

Its all just a sequence of events. Rolling Stone picked it up which led us to getting more shows, which led us to meeting a management team which led to more people finding us and more radio stations helping out and being a part of our time and thats what were about. 


-Two weeks ago ‘Contagious’ was number 1 on Fusion Alternative, so it was such a treat to find out that you were coming to perform in Chicago. Thank you guys for a great show, we look forward seeing whats next for Night Riots. We’ll see you at Warped Tour!

Thank you guys for coming out tonight and seeing the show, we hope you enjoyed it.

We did…we did indeed.

Written by Alt360º Blogger: Avrē Wes