With the release date of Twenty One Pilots’s third album, Blurryface, quickly approaching the band released their third single and music video for “Stressed Out” last week.


The video follows the character Blurryface, portrayed by singer Tyler Joseph, as he travels through his hometown and relives his childhood.  Blurryface rides his tricycle to band mate Joshua Dun’s house where the two practice for a while before riding their trikes to Joseph’s house.  Here they again practice for a while before transitioning into a scene of them performing with their families.

The character Blurryface has appeared in the two previous singles and videos, which leads the viewer to believe that the character is present throughout the entirety of the album.  Sometimes the character is good-natured but often he is evil, and many fans have speculated that Blurryface transitions from evil to good as the album progresses.  Joseph tweeted “a distant, barren wasteland in between two songs. a wasteland im glad i survived,” which made many fans, again, interpret Blurryface as Joseph’s alter ego or even former self.

I think that this is the most powerful music video Twenty One Pilots have released because of the extremely personal nature of the piece.  Joseph confirmed on his Twitter account that the homes and rooms shown in the video are actually the homes that he and Dun grew up in back in Ohio.  Additionally, there is a scene where the immediate family members of Joseph and Dun are shown and later specifically introduced as whatever role they play in the lives of the band.

This is different from most people with fame because they generally tend to hide their family from the public eye.  I think this video truly exhibits the level of trust that Joseph and Dun have with their fans, or “Clique,” because the band allows the audience into their personal spheres.

Blurryface will be released on Tuesday, May 19th.

Written by Fusion Alternative Blogger: Elizabeth Morales

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