vance joy

Vance Joy, an Australian singer/song writer has been making his way up the music charts with his latest single Riptide. Being fairly new to the whole music industry, Vance has come out with his album entitled Dream Your Life Away. Though his hit song Riptide is what the public mainly recognizes him by, the rest of his album is just as great!

If I had to compare him to a current artist right now, I would have to say Vance sounds a bit like Mumford & Sons as far as their style and vocals. However, even comparing him to them would be an understatement (not saying that I don’t love Mumford & Sons because I do!) I just think that this new solo artist is extremely talented on his own. With the help of his Ukulele, Vance adds his own alternative twist to his music, which only makes his music more desirable.

Take a look at his hit Riptide and the rest of his album!

Written by Fusion Alternative Blogger: Laura Ledesma